Bring farm freshness to                    your table.

      Markus & Teri Knab    


About our Farm......

Markus and I didn't start out as farmers but bit by bit our little 5 acre farm is evolving. I've worked as a Phlebotomist in a medical lab for the last 40 years and Markus is a realtor; it just seems crazy that we now have this little farm. I was a city girl for sure but I am just loving my chickens.   But we both really love it.  We first started as a trout farm in 2009 and over the last few years have added chickens, pigs and sheep; we are hoping to get turkeys in the spring.  I am the gardener in the family but we are both very passionate about eating healthy and growing our own food.  I'm a 5 year cancer survivor; this health crisis made us very aware of what we were putting into our bodies.  Some of the food we buy in grocery stores is sprayed with a mixture of pesticides to get them to our table in peak condition and many things don't get the chance to ripen on the vine, as in the case of tomatoes....they are picked when they are green and then ripened with gas in the USA to turn them red.  Nutrient content and taste are certainly affected never-mind what these things do to our bodies.  It was therefore an easy decision to not buy these products and eat organic or at least organically grown.   Before we started growing our own food we used to buy from the many local farmer's markets in the area.  And though not all were organically certified they weren't using pesticides and in my opinion, the healthier choice.I definitely believe how people manage the soil, plants and animals will directly affect the health of those who consume that product.  We are very passionate about this....  NO PESTICIDES ON OUR FARM!!     Story continued.....  

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