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January 5th,2019

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

The last few weeks in beautiful Parksville has been kind of trying weather-wise. The Thursday before Christmas there were winds in our area of upward to 125 km an hour. It caused mass destruction in many parts of the island and I heard it broke records as to how many people were without power. We were luckier than most and did not lose our power. We just about lost the roof off of our chicken coop though. The microbursts of wind lifted it up like it was paper. We quickly nailed it down again and fingers crossed that it would hold. It did. We have had so much rain lately that there was major flooding in the area as well. The pond behind our house rose 4 feet and we were concerned that it would enter into our store buy thankfully the water receded and nothing was damaged. Today the sun was shining and it really felt like spring. I spent time outside cleaning out our large greenhouse. I am putting together shelves so that I can start to plant seeds. I'll have to confer with the Farmer's Almanac to see what and when I can plant.

I found an interesting article online in the Farmer's almanac. In the olden days, the festivities of Christmas lasted twelve days, which was the time supposed to have been taken by the three wise men or kings in their journey to Bethlehem. My Grandmother always kept her Christmas tree up for the 12 days of Christmas and I always did the same. Today is the 12th night. I guess tomorrow I'll be busy taking down my Christmas tree. Happy New Year everyone!!

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