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Our Store opened just over a month ago and we are truly happy with how many people who have come to check us out. During this trying time of Covid 19 the way we buy food has changed drastically. What once was so easy to do is now quite the ordeal from line-ups and social distancing at our local grocery stores to limits and lack of products. We serve only one customer at a time, but the waits are short here. It's great to hear the comments from our customers, who say it's important to support and buy local. We definitely appreciate it!

We are open when you see the sign on the road which is usually Wednesday - Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. But if our gate is open and we are home we won't turn you away on Monday or Tuesday. We ask that you drive slow when entering the gate and driving to the store as we have two pugs, Rupert and Ruby who roam the property and are a little car stupid. Thanks in advance and look forward to seeing you!!

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