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Winter on the Farm

To appreciate the beauty of the snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.


There has definitely been quite a few days this winter where I've been standing out in the cold. My poor chickens on the other hand have been choosing to spend most of their day inside. Snow as an adult is not so much fun, that is if you have to drive in it. In years past I had many sleepless nights fretting over how bad the drive would be in the morning. Now that I work mostly on the farm, I love waking up to snow on the ground. But it definitely makes things a little harder. I am a little tired of hauling drinking water to my girls as all the water pipes are frozen in the coop. At this time of year, garden seeds are arriving in the stores. I went to the Seedy Saturday event in Qualicum a few weeks back and was getting excited to be digging in the garden soon. This snow has definitely put the garden prep work on hold. We've been busy getting our store ready for opening. We were hoping for February opening but with this weather it's been difficult to do. We are hoping for March 1st. Will keep you posted.

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