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No Antibiotics or Growth Hormone

We care about the customer. We raise our pigs and/or source all our pork, beef and poultry LOCALLY from Government approved sellers.  You can buy individual cuts in our farm store but if you are wanting sides of pork or other bulk orders email or  call Mark at 250-937-2664 or Markus at  250-240-1317.  We also will do custom cutting of beef, pork, lamb and game. 


   Non-GMO Eggs

 At this this time, we don't have any eggs for sale.  But when we do start again our laying hens are fed a
Non-GMO feed and veggie diet. They have access to the outdoors for the health benefit of exposure to sunlight and fresh air. 



At this time, we are not raising our own chickens.  Hopefully again in the future.

Our meat chickens were fed a veggie and grain fed.  
They ate Non GMO food and are antibody and pesticide free

Plus all this...... 

Pork products: sausages, bacon, pepperoni, kielbasa, blood sausage, smoked meat, etc. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, assorted deli products, salami, ham, meatloaf, herb butters, bird suet, preserves, herbs, veggie starts, homemade soap, photo-cards, fertilized eggs,  hand-made jewelry.