No Antibiotics or Growth Hormone

Our pigs are free-run and have a grain, vegetable and fruit dietYou can buy individual cuts in our farm store but if you are wanting sides of pork or other bulk orders email or call Markus at 250-240-1317

   Non-GMO Eggs

Our laying hens are fed a

Non-GMO feed and veggie diet.They have access to the outdoors for the health benefit of exposure to sunlight and fresh air. 


Our Chickens are fed a NON GMO feed

Our meat chickens are veggie and grain fed.  

They grow in a healthy and clean environment.We are building movable houses so they have a

fresh patch of grass everyday. They are hormone and antibiotic free.

Local Farm Fresh Trout & Salmon 

We hope to have quite a few fish products in our store. Call Markus for all your fish questions.    

Plus all this...... 

Seasonal fruits and vegetables, smoked fish, candied fish, fish chowders, herb butters, bird suet, pork products: sausages, bacon, pepperoni etc., preserves, herbs, veggie starters, homemade soap, photo-cards, fertilized eggs, un-sexed chicks, turkeys, hand-made jewelry.

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