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The 2 Rooster Farm was the name of our farm.  Here we raised chickens, pigs, and sheep.  We opened a little farm store there and sold all the things that we grew on our farm. Eggs from our chickens, vegetables from the garden and of course meat that we raised.  Markus purchased a smoker from Germany and taught himself how to smoke meat and fish.  He also started to make his own bacon, sausages and pepperoni from recipes that he perfected himself.   Our business was becoming well known and even thru COVID we kept busy as customers preferred going to the little stores like ours rather than the large grocery stores.  But there is not a lot of free time when you are a farmer and it was beginning to take a tole on Markus and I so we decided to sell our beautiful farm to give us more time to enjoy some of the things we had been missing.  But we weren't quite ready to give up the 2 Rooster Farm totally. Our good friend's Mark (Country Butcher)and Donna helped us by taking over most of the work and did the local markets while we were in transition.  Mark is from Ireland and has been a butcher for over 35 years.  We found a great location in Errington to set up kitchen/butcher shop and decided to become partners. We were also lucky to find a place to raise our pigs, thanks to a local farmer.     Our loyal customers are important to us and we are extremely happy that we can still supply all the products we did before.   And are excited to share all the new recipes we are making since Mark came on board.

It is important to us to provide our customers with only the best quality meat.  We raise our pigs ethically; our animals are free-range and are fed only the highest quality Non GMO/antibiotic free feed.  We also source meat locally from Hertel's.  Hertel's has been in Port Alberni since 1967, and their meats are renowned all over Vancouver Island for being top quality.  We also support local farms and businesses and strive to provide our customers with free-range, local, antibiotic/hormone free and ethically raised meat.  All our meat products are made right here in the butcher shop.   Mark is a trained butcher with many years of experience both here and in Ireland.  Markus although not formally trained as a butcher has mastered the art of smoking meat.  He's not bad at making sausages or pepperoni either. Both Mark and Markus enjoy making sausages.  We have over 17 different kinds and more to come.  Markus is a member of the German Butcher club and has made some wonderful German-style sausages.  Mark, of course,  has also made some wonderful sausages but he's really excited to offer products with the Irish flare, like his brined Irish bacon(s) and his black pudding.   We look forward to sharing all of our products with you. Our product list is growing as we are constantly adding new items to the list.  We have great plans for our store.  Three huge refrigerated display units to display everything from AAA Beef and Grass-fed beef, our own chicken and locally raised pork, cordon blues, stuffed pork chops and roasts, kebabs, stir-fries, meat pies, sausage rolls etc.

But enough about the boys......   I'm Teri, Markus' wife and Donna is Mark's significant other.  We complete the Country Butcher/2 Rooster Farm Family.  We love what we do.  It doesn't feel like work when we're together in the kitchen.  My favorite things to do are planting and harvesting the garden.  I also love to cook and have my own YouTube channel.  Check it out...2 Rooster Farm.   I love canning as well, so I hope to be making my salsa and pickled beets again to sell in the store.  Donna has worked in food prep for many years.  She is a beast at the slicing machine.   Her plethora of knowledge in this area is a great asset to our business. I am so excited to be working with her! Come visit us at the local markets.... Saturdays at Qualicum, Wednesdays in Nanaimo at Beban Park and Sundays in Cedar.   

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